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Appointment of the new BOD

The appointment of the new BOD in May 2009 has brought about much needed change and focus in the way business is conducted at MSCU. This Board is continuing at the helm in directing the strategic and operational affairs of the MSCU. An immediate action undertaken by the BOD was to ensure that MSCU By Laws was adhered to closely.
Another priority area was the restructuring at MSCU. This resulted in the reduction of staff from twelve to the current seven. The BOD has identified this number as adequate to sustain operations at MSCU. A major impact here was the severance of our so called IT Specialist who was carrying a hefty package. We have now managed to employ an IT technician at a far lower package with a higher productivity rate.
The MSCU has embarked on improving our customer service delivery which has included the development of a new MSCU Logo for branding purposes, new uniforms for our staff to ensure a professional outlook, the now completed refurbishment at the front office to enhance the MSCU image and ensure comfort to members, the acquisition of a new generator to ensure that we have that back-up support in the conduct of our business, the introduction of a new accounting software, the BANC System to streamline operations and the development a MSCU website to keep all members abreast of business at MSCU. The BANC System and MSCU Website is a huge milestone in our business affairs in that in allows members serving outside Suva and abroad to apply or enquire directly through the net on the products and services available. The website will allow members to view their shares and loan eligibility online.
A new product, education assistance loan has also been endorsed by the BOD. Members are to enquire at the front desk, telephone or online.

The BOD will embarking on a visit to all Units and Infantry Companies outside Suva to brief them on the latest developments at MSCU and the online services available to all members